November, 11 2011 - Veterans Green Jobs Salutes Veterans' Day

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Becky Yacone, Richard Rohleder, Jim Blane, Timothy Davis, and Steve Houston salute America's vets.

Doug Mahan, with Dennis Orr in traditional uniform

Marine vets Barry Georgopulos, Tom Kreuger, Brad Krebs and Wayne Coleman look dashing in their red Corps jackets.

Chad Henry, Lee Barber and Carl Neu honor our vets

Francis and Lona Cloudt, Rick Hough, Susan and Jonathan Watkins of R-Factor support Green Jobs

Scott Willingham and Andy Garza, two of the breakfast organizers

The Thomas Jefferson HS Color Guard brings in the flags.

Kim Battey and Katie Stowe sit down to breakfast

Dr. Lisa Langstraat, left, with Capt. Erin Hadlock

Gaelen Hafen and Amy Steinhoff salute our vets

Adjutant General Mike Edwards, left, with Dr. Mit Parsons, board chair, VGJ co-founder and US Army vet

Hank Troy tickles the ivories, playing patriotic favorites.

EM1 Wenke, Capt. Dice and Capt. Bucholz were among the active duty breakfast guests

Stephen Wilson, James and Lorene Williams, and Marilyn and Kirk Baker represented the Christian Tour of Africa

Jessica McMaster, with Sgt Sanchez of the Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Regiment

Joel Hicks, Patrick Maher, Becky Hickman and Heather Savell represented Grainger at the breakfast.

Garett Reppenhagen, VGJ Director of Veterans Transition and Army vet with State Rep. Joe Miklosi

Stacy, Rigo and James Turnbull honor our vets

Richard Strasbaugh, State Rep. Mark Barker and Lynda Cox await the program

Dana Niemela with Izzy Abbass and Mickey Hunt

William Stewart and Eric Lopez honor the vets

Andrea Jorstad and Bill Chrismer of the GQ Barber Lounge

VGJ Chief Development Officer Jo Schantz with Ben Prieb

Charles Sanchez with Tamar Ellentuck, Sr. Dir, SLV Operations for VGJ

Breakfast volunteer Linda Lidov with State Rep. Dan Pabon

Chad Henry, with Lt Col Channing Moose, and Lee Barber

It's a packed house for the second annual Veterans' Day Breakfast

Dr. John Torres, 9News, serves as host for the festivities

The Thomas Jefferson HS Color Guard, Prinjastin Sykes, Martin Gonzalez, Angela Montgomery, and Loris Lewis, under the direction of CW4 Ret. Charles Gaines

Board Chair Dr. Mit Parsons addresses the crowd

Board Chair Dr. Mit Parsons explains the importance of jobs for returning vets

Dep. Mayor Cary Kennedy delivers the Proclamation from City Hall-it's Veterans Green Jobs Day.

A hearty handshake, along with a proclamation, from Dep. Mayor Cary Kennedy to Board Chair Dr. Mit Parsons

Dr. Bill Doe pays tribute to America's vets

Josh Phair, of Walmart, accepts an award and announces more help for VGJ

Josh Phair accepts the award on behalf of Walmart from Dr. Bill Doe

Garett Reppenhagen, Director of Veterans transition, addresses the crowd

Kynnie Martin, Volunteer Program Manager, waits to speak

Garett Reppenhagen honors vets and explains why he is involved with Veterans Green Jobs

Kynnie Martin talks about Veterans Green Jobs

Kynnie Martin, Volunteer Program Manager and US Army vet

Gov. John Hickenlooper talks about the importance of helping put vets to work

Gov. John Hickenlooper promises the state's support for Veterans Green Jobs

Dr. John Torres, 9News, and US Air Force vet, introduces the keynote speaker

James F. Yacone, FBI Special Agent in Charge and US Army vet, gives the keynote address

Chief Development Officer Jo Schantz at the podium

Jo Schantz presents a plaque made from recycled beetle-kill pine to keynote speaker James F. Yacone

Emcee Dr. John Torres with State Senator and VGJ board member Gail Schwartz

James F. Yacone discusses veterans' affairs with Gov. Hickenlooper

Wayne and Tommie Coleman leave the breakfast with one of the centerpieces, which were given as door prizes.