August, 06 2011 - 911: We Remember to Never Forget

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Center for American Values board member Sue Smith, right, with Jerry, Betty and Juanita Fuentes

Volunteers Chris Martinez, left, Gerri Loya, Nicole Trujillo, Marissa Maldanado, Annette Guiterrez and Jennifer Perez pose in front of souvenir table

Robin Ferreira, left, WWII veteran Duke Boswell, FDNY firefighter James Sorokac

Veterans Paul Darrow, left, and Harvey Visnaw flank Tula Visnow. Mr. Visnaw spent 38 years in the Navy, all at sea. He was in Russia even before Pearl Harbor.

Andy Anderson, left, Jeff Badger, John and Jana Bartlett, Heber Stewart, Jerry LiPuma and Lance LiPuma, all friends of Drew Dix

John and Mary Parrish, left, and Rudy Padula

Drew Dix' sister Faith Clason, left, and his mother, Faith Dix

Tabitha Rooney and Jacob Barr volunteering for the day

Sue Smith with FDNY Mike Cook, Angela Bellantoni, FDNY Michael Bellantoni and Tom Allee, CFAV Vice President of Community Relations and Development

Melissa Flanagan, FDNY Chris Ford, FDNY Michael Bellantoni and Paula Sarlls of the Women Marines Assn.

Paula Kochenberger, left, with Sandy and Marv Stein

Christine Reed, left, FDNY Mike Cook, Amy Reed and Kent Reed. Christine's cousin, David LaForge, was a New York firefighter killed at Ground Zero

Cpt Leide Defusco of the Pueblo Sheriff's Dept., left, Wendy Defusco, Cassy Taylor and Sheriff Kirk Taylor

Col Scot Cuthbertson, left, Dave Anderson, Vietnam vet Lance Petty

Cassie Hart of KCSJ Radio, left, Ella Moore and Chris Moore

FDNY Cpt. Mark Guerra, left, Pat Calhoon and Jeff Grubbs

Senator Jean White, left, Al White of the Colorado Tourism Office, Paulette and Jim Stuart of the Pueblo Medal of Honor Foundation and Eileen Dennis

FDNY Battalion Chief John Plant, left, WWII vet Duke Boswell and FDNY Lt Mike Galgano

Joan and Ruben Archuleta (former police chief in Pueblo), with Sharon Goodbar

Jane Rodgers, who is coordinating Honor Flight in Southern Colorado, left, with Lance Petty and Pat Plant, wife of FDNY Battalion Chief John Plant

From USAA: Deanne Funkhouser and Kent Fortune

Ray Erjavec, left, Claude and Wilma Brown and PCC President Patty Erjavec

Pueblo PD Chief Luis Velez, left, Sheriff Kirk Taylor, WWII vet Duke Boswell, FDNY John Plant and Pueblo Sheriff Captain Leide Defusco

FDNY Cpt Mickey Maye, left, Andrea Bellantoni and FDNY firefighter Mike Bellantoni. Mike's photo was the famous one of the exhausted firefighter leaning over his shovel at Ground Zero that epitomized the devastation that day.

Carron Barrella, author of "More Than 36 Days," a story of the lives of soldiers at Iwo Jima, with Leide Defusco and Tom Barrella

Carron Barella, left, Paula Sarlls and Jody Newton, creator of "Hero Bar"

Sheriff Kirk Taylor, left, Chief Luis Velez, WWII vet Duke Boswell, James Bueno, veteran of Desert Storm, and Henry Jones of the Denver PD

Sel Elizondo, left, and Jeff Osterman

9/11: We Remember Never to Forget

CFAV co-founder Brad Padula, left, John Millea and Kathy Root

FDNY Mickey Maye, left, with cowboy poet Jeff Hildebrandt

USC Football Coach John Wristen, left, Bruno DeRose, Dan DeRose, Pueblo Chieftain Publisher Robert Rawlings and Rochelle Kelly DeVargas

Steve Chavez, left, Kevin McInnis, Lynette DeRose, Sandy Stein and Bonnie Chavez

WW II vet Duke Boswell, left, Jane Rodgers, WWII vet Harvey Visnaw and FDNY Charles Morgan

War veterans and members of the FDNY

Dave Kochenberger, left, his daughter Jenna Kochenberger and brother Kirk Kochenberger

FDNY Battalion Chief John Plant, right, talks with fans

FDNY Charles Morgan and his wife Rose

FDNY James Sorokac and his girlfriend Robin Ferreira

Anna DeRose, left, Vivian Elizondo and Neta DeRose

Doris Kester of the Southern Colorado Community Foundation, left, with Juanita Fuentes

FDNY Mike Galgano autographs a book for Faith Clason

Medal of Honor recipient Drew Dix, left, FDNY John Plant, Gary Sinise and FDNY Mike Galgano

John Plant greets Gary Sinise

Mike Galgano chats with Drew Dix

Firefighters pose with veterans and first responders

Medal of Honor recipient Drew Dix, co-founder of the CFAV, welcomes everyone

Well-known actor Gary Sinise says a few words

FDNY Battalion Chief John Plant remembers 9/11

"America's Tenor" Steve Amerson, right, says a few words as Drew Dix looks on

Cowboy poet Jeff Hildebrandt says a few words

FDNY Mickey Maye, left, talks with Renee Brown and Pueblo Fire Chief Chris Riley

FDNY Mike Galgano talks with fans

Gary Sinise, center, talks with fans

Pueblo County Comnmissioner Jeff Chostner chats with Jim Stuart

Walt Stupnik and Randy Thurston--they went to school together

A shot of the flag displayed on a fire ladder

A view of the performance tent across the river walk

Wives/girlfriends of the FDNY

Thank you, sponsors

Commissioner Jeff Chostner makes a proclamation in honor of first responders

Medal of Honor recipient Drew Dix welcomes the crowd

Actor Gary Sinise says a few words

Gary Sinise has started his own foundation to support military efforts.

Battalion Chief John Plant says a few words in remembrance of 9/11

John Plant and other FDNY firefighters on stage with Pueblo first responders

Pueblo Police Chief grew up "in the shadow of the World Trade Center" in New York.

Fire Chief Chris Riley went to Ground Zero to help out in 2001.

Sheriff Kirk Taylor says a few words

Boys State American Values essay winner Grant Caswell

Jacob Barr, left, tells FDNY Mark Guerra he has recently joined the Navy.

Board member Sue Smith, originally from Pueblo, with her family

Board member Bob Root and his wife Kathy

Tabitha Rooney sings an impromptu tune for the firefighters

The upbeat band "Overton Road" includes CFAV co-founder Brad Padula on bass guitar

A full view of the stage

Medal of Honor recipient Drew Dix and his wife Patricia relax backstage

Brad Padula, co-founder of CFAV, finds additional time to excel at guitar

Overton Road lead singer Brent Cozzolino

Board member Bob Root got into the tunes

Drew Dix says a few words on stage

Drew Dix welcomes the firefighters and first responders

Drew Dix welcomes Gary Sinise

Gary Sinise said he is happy to be back in Pueblo

Battalion Chief John Plant says a few words on behalf of the firefighters

FDNY Mike Galgano

FDNY Chris Ford

FDNY Mickey Maye

FDNY Mark Guerra

FDNY Charles Morgan

FDNY James Sorokac

FDNY Mike Cook

FDNY Mike Bellantoni

Steve Amerson waves to the crowd

Steve Amerson demonstrates why he's known as "America's Tenor."

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